Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

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Marco Polo sheep hunting in Kyrgyzstan HUNTING FIRM “Aska-Tur”

We are delighted to have this opportunity to submit our Proposal to provide hunting and tourist services to you. While preparing this Proposal for you, we applied our individual approach, which, as we suppose, meets all your requirements.

The Hunting Firm “Aska-Tur” (the “Firm”) is the legal entity duly incorporated under the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our Firm has a pleasure to offer you a big hunting game and adventure trips through the Kyrgyz Republic, a mountainous paradise, which is located in the middle of the Central Asia and borders with the China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. You will discover a country of sunlight and snow covered mountain ridges, beautiful lakes with crystal clear water and deep gorges where rough rivers rush down the mountains. There are three highest tops of the CIS here: the Pobeda Peak (7439 meters above the sea level), the Khan Tengrie peak (6995 meters) and the Lenin Peak (7134 meters). Our hunting & tourist tours run mainly in mountainous regions of the country and include rest on the Issyk-Kul lake, which is a unique and beautiful.

The Firm offers sightseeing of culture historical places located within the territory of our country. For hunters we offer hunting tour for a Marco Polo sheep (Ovis ammon polii), Siberian Ibex (Capra ibex sibirica), wolves, pheasants. The area inhabited with Marco Polo (Ovis ammon polii) embraces the mountain south of the country from Naryn-river up to the China’s border. Strong and very twisted horns of Marco Polo always fascinated locals and visitors.

Marco Polo prefers wide plateaus and sloping mountains without steep rocky ledges. Mountains reach here the altitude of 3.500 - 4500 meters above sea level. The base camp is on the altitude of 3000 meters above the sea level (that`s why there is no need in adaptation). Place here is more convenient for walking than on the Ibex hunt, so it`s possible to use horses and jeeps. There are professional guides, doctor, cook and several helpers.
Hunt for Marco Polo is the apex of hunting expeditions and adventures, which attracts the generations of sheep hunters all over the world.

The Empire of Siberian Ibex so Tien - Shan mountains are called in Kyrgyz, where the biggest specimens of Middle Asian Ibex (Capra Ibex Sibirica). Big trophies from this region reach from 110 up to 140 cm in length and from 25 up to 29 cm in the basis clasp. In order to take such trophies, it needs to turn for the extraordinary difficult hunt at the altitude of 3500 - 4500 meters above the sea level. Ibexes feed in the morning and approximately till 9 a.m. they are in movement. That is why it’s easier to see them.
After 9 a.m. if nothing troubling them they are moving to the places of their day staying, and in the evening after 5 p.m. they are moving back. Hunter and accompanying with the experienced guide survey Ibexes while they are among the rocks or during their morning crossing. And if they find the Ibex with good trophy quality, they steal up to it round the ridge on a distance of shot. A good physical form is as very important for the successful hunt as an ability to make an exact shot on a big distance (250 - 300 meters).

  • Marco Polo sheep – new world record - 67 inch (171 cm)
  • Capricorn – 60 inch (152 cm)

Such trophy will be a worthy adornment of the hunters’ collection. You will have an opportunity to obtain not only an excellent trophy but also to receive a great experience of hunt. Our Firm will assist you during the all hunting tour.

The Hunting Firm “Aska-Tur” provides with the all necessary documents for exporting trophies (CITES).

Our hunting lands located in the Naryn Oblast in the At – Bashy region (30 000 hectares) and Ak-Say region (30 000 hectares)